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Sparkling Moscato Rosé 2023 200ml mini bottles

Brown Brothers

Delightfully aromatic with musk and red berry character, finished with a delicate sparkle. Enjoy the convenience of a 200mL mini made perfect for picnics, brunches, or simply those times when you don’t want to open a full bottle.

24 bottles of 200ml Sparkling Moscato Rosé.

Tasting Notes

The Sparkling Moscato Rosé showcases a bright pink strawberry hue, presenting itself as light and delicate. With lifted red berry aromas, freshly crushed grapes, and a spicy perfume, this wine offers a fruit-forward palate that is beautifully balanced by acidity and a refreshing full sparkling sensation. It is best served well chilled, allowing its youthful and vibrant character to shine. Enjoy the delightful combination of delicious, plump, and juicy grapes, along with its delicate, perfumed, and crisp dryness. This wine is perfect as a classic aperitif or paired with a wedge of crisp pear wrapped in prosciutto, a fresh fruit platter, or light-style cheeses.

Food Pairings

The Sparkling Moscato Rosé is a classic aperitif wine to enjoy on its own. With food, it is great with a wedge of crisp pear wrapped in prosciutto or a fresh fruit platter and light style cheeses like brie or camembert.

Fruit was crushed to drainers, pressed, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and underwent a secondary fermentation using the Charmat (pressure tank) method to develop the desired bubble and maintain the fresh fruity characters.

Vineyard RegionVictoria
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 7%

The Sparkling Moscato Rosé has a bright pink strawberry hue, giving it a light and delicate appearance.


Due to a small addition of Cienna, the wine has lifted red berry aromas along with freshly crushed grapes and a spicy perfume.


The palate also shows these characters along with a fruitiness that is balanced by acidity and the refreshing full sparkling sensation.

Peak Drinking

Enjoy while young and vibrant.

Growing Conditions

This wine is made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes with a small percentage of Cienna to give it the rosé colour. The grapes were harvested through March to May at baumés ranging from 9.7 to 14.