The joy of wine, in all forms.

At Brown Family Wines, we love people — and we love how wine can bring people together. With a winemaking heritage over 130 years old, we've learnt a thing or two about what it takes to make a bloody good drop: delicious, drinkable, and shareable wines from the vineyard to your door.

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We make the wines Australia loves to drink.

Our family of brands celebrates some of Australia's most-loved varietals, made in places unlike anywhere else. From our spiritual home in northeast Victoria all the way down to the isle of Tasmania, our brands are as wonderful and diverse as the people who love to drink them.

Every bottle of Brown Brothers opens the door to a new wine adventure coloured with excitement and flavour.

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Pirie vintages are few and far between, celebrating only the very best in Tasmanian sparkling.

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Crafted with premium Tasmanian fruit in a place where hazard meets haven.

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Making seriously delicious wines that we love to share.

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Inspired by the beauty of our craft, fueled by our passion for Pinot Noir.

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Brown Brothers Limited Release Durif 2021

Characterised in the vineyard by its small berries and tight bunches, the Limited Release Durif is a deeply coloured, full-bodied red wine – most similar to Shiraz – and similarly grown in our Heathcote vineyards. Loved by our cellar door and winemaking teams, this Northeast Victorian icon is rich in tannins, dark fruit, and spice.

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Discover Innocent Bystander's 2021 Limited Release Pinot Noir

The Limited Release Pinot Noir is what happens when we grant our winemaking duo free reign over a single vineyard, upper Yarra parcel of Pinot Noir. Bright, complex, and utterly delicious with dark cherry and cranberry flavours.

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Mt Baudin Chardonnay & Mt Mayson Syrah join the Devil's Corner Hazards

Drawing inspiration from the eponymous granite peaks after which these wines are named, the new Hazards Range celebrates our most premium tier of wine hallmarked by tenacity, time-honoured techniques, and grace.

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Wines for every occasion.

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