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Sparkling Moscato 2023 200ml mini bottles

Brown Brothers

Everyone’s favourite Moscato with extra sparkle, in 200mL. Beautifully fresh with a soft musk aroma, and a delicate sparkling finish.

24 bottles of 200mL Sparkling Moscato.

Tasting Notes

The Sparkling Moscato is a wine that tantalizes taste buds with its luscious flavours. With every sip, experience the youthful green hue and lifted musk aromas that mingle harmoniously with the freshness of delicious, plump and juicy grapes. As the wine dances on your palate, you'll be delighted by the sherbet perfume that adds a touch of whimsy to its profile. Balancing its inherent fruitiness is a tight citrus core, creating a refreshing and invigorating sensation. With a delicate and fresh character, this sparkling wine delivers a distinctive aroma with a desirable amount of bubbles that adds an extra layer of effervescence to your glass. Embrace its true essence by serving it well chilled and savour its youthful vibrancy that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Food Pairings

The Sparkling Moscato is delicate, fresh and a great way to get a dinner party occasion off and running. Pop and pour alongside cheese and crackers, rich curries, or salted popcorn on the couch. For something savoury, try it with a Thai green curry that is loaded with fresh coriander and chilli. Serve well chilled and enjoy while young and vibrant.

Fruit was crushed to drainers, pressed, fermented and underwent a secondary fermentation in the Charmat method (pressure tank) to maintain fresh fruity characters and get the desired bubble, and was bottled soon after.

Vineyard RegionVictoria
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 6.5%

The wine has a bright vibrant colour with a youthful green hue.


The Sparkling Moscato presents a lifted musk aroma with hints of freshly crushed grapes and a sherbet perfume.


The palate also shows these characters along with a tight citrus core that balances the fruitiness of this refreshing full sparkling wine.

Peak Drinking

Best enjoyed while young and fresh.

Growing Conditions

This wine is made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes. The grapes were harvested through March to May at baumes ranging from 9.7 to 12.8.