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Origins Series Dry Rosé 2022

Brown Brothers

Minimum order of 1 case or 6 bottles (Mixed or straight)

Warm, lazy days beneath a glorious Mediterranean sun were the inspiration that led to Brown Brothers Origins Series Dry Rosé. A dry, refreshing rosé with a bouquet of fresh strawberry, watermelon and citrus notes - this rosé is perfect for summer dining and relaxing with friends.
Tasting Notes

This captivating wine greets the eye with a vibrant salmon pink hue, setting the stage for a taste experience like no other. Prepare to be delighted as the nose is filled with bright, fresh aromas of watermelon, ruby grapefruit, and citrus, evoking the essence of sun-kissed summer days. The palate comes alive with a dry and refreshing character that leaves you craving more Served well chilled, this wine unveils its youthful and invigorating flavours, making it a perfect companion for casual summer dining. Best savoured alongside an ice bucket on sunny days, it pairs exquisitely with fresh seafood and accentuates the vibrant flavours of watermelon and berry fruit platters. Raise a glass to the perfect aperitif, celebrating life's simple pleasures with every sip of this exceptional Dry Rosé.

Food PairingsBest served with an ice bucket, on sunny days, and with great friends, the Origins Series Dry Rosé 2022 is the perfect aperitif. An excellent choice with fresh seafood - think Vietnamese prawn skewers, smoked trout blinis with crunchy summer salads. Also perfect with a watermelon and berry fruit plate and lighter cheese like brie.
  • 5x Bronze

A short time in contact with the red skins was undertaken to ensure a light pink blush colour. Vegan-friendly.

Vineyard RegionKing Valley
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 12.5%

The Origins Series Dry Rosé 2022 shows a vibrant salmon pink colour in the glass.

AromaThe nose is bright with fresh watermelon, ruby grapefruit and citrus notes.
PalateA dry, refreshing palate is mouth-watering and moreish.
Peak Drinking

Until 2024.

Growing ConditionsThe fruit for the dry rosé is sourced from two of our Victorian vineyards, Milawa and Heathcote. The grapes were harvested from early February to mid-March at a baumé level of 11.6 to 12.1.