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Prosecco Rosé NV 200ml mini bottles

Brown Brothers

A hallmark of everyday wine occasions, our Prosecco Rosé NV is characterised by its beautiful blush colour and vibrant notes of citrus and strawberry: a universally loved style of wine that’s made to drink while young and fresh.

Conveniently packaged in 200mL bottles made perfect for picnics, brunches, parties and those times where you don’t want to open a full bottle.

24 Pack of 200mL bottles of Prosecco Rosé NV.

Tasting Notes

This delightful Rosé retains the signature freshness and vibrancy of Prosecco, with an added subtle hint of berry on the palate. Crafted with care, a small percentage of Cienna grapes was masterfully blended to achieve the blush hue. Sip on this refreshing sparkling wine, best enjoyed in its youthful and delicate state. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a prelude to an evening, the Prosecco Rosé is a perfect choice. For a harmonious pairing, indulge in Tasmanian smoked salmon complemented by a squeeze of zesty lemon juice. Let the Prosecco Rosé elevate your moments and awaken your senses with its natural acidity, fresh crisp flavours, and undeniable allure.

Food Pairings

While delicious on its own you can enjoy this wine with tempura squid, fresh sushi rolls, fish and chips on the beach.

After primary fermentation the wine was then fermented in a pressure tank to 5 atmospheres of pressure and bottled to retain the bubbles. A small percentage of Cienna was added to obtain the Rosé blush.

Vineyard RegionVictoria
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 11.5%

This sparkling wine has a soft, rose-gold colour.


A delicate nose displaying strawberry, watermelon and apple flavours.


While this wine retains the freshness and vibrancy that Prosecco is known for, this Rosé also provides a subtle hint of berry on the palate. This refreshing sparkling is made to drink young while at its light and delicate best.

Peak Drinking

To be enjoyed when young and fresh

Growing Conditions

The grapes for this wine were grown throughout Victoria including the cool climate, King Valley. The fruit was picked with a baumé ranging from 9.5 to 11.