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Dry Red Soft Pack 10L

Brown Brothers

These wines are non-vintage, which enables us to blend from year to year and maintain consistency. They have become highly respected and reflect the use of premium grape varieties and the utmost care in winemaking, using all the skills and attention employed for our bottled wines.

Tasting Notes

Our non-vintage Dry Red Wine is a testament to our commitment to consistency and quality. With a deep crimson colour, it exudes enticing aromas of spice, cloves, and red berry fruits, complemented by undertones of mint and a subtle hint of oak. This smooth and easy-drinking wine delights the palate with rich berry fruit flavours, fine tannins, and lingering fruit notes. Versatile and food-friendly, it pairs perfectly with various pizza and pasta dishes, as well as a range of red meat options. Experience the pleasure of this wine's approachable style and let it elevate your dining experience.

Food Pairings

A great partner to various pizza and pasta dishes and an array of red meat dishes.

Crafted with the utmost care in winemaking, our Dry Red Wine is a testament to the art of blending premium grape varieties. Being a non-vintage wine allows us to create a harmonious blend from year to year, ensuring consistent quality and flavour. This smooth drinking wine is a blend of carefully selected red grape varieties, each fermented separately in stainless steel vessels. Maturation takes place in a combination of stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, imparting complexity and depth to the final blend. The result is a well-rounded wine with balanced flavours and a lingering finish.

Vineyard RegionVictoria
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 13.5%

A deep crimson colour, hinting at its rich and vibrant character.


Enticing aromas of spice, cloves, and red berry fruits, accompanied by delicate hints of mint and a subtle touch of oak.


Very easy drinking style with rich berry fruit, fine tannins and lingering fruit flavours

Peak Drinking

Best enjoyed while young and fresh.

Growing Conditions

Grape varieties were sourced from the finest vineyards in Victoria, including Heathcote, Milawa, and Mystic Park.