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Cellar Collection Grand Muscadelle NV 350mL

Brown Brothers

Indulge in the legacy of Brown family winemaking heritage with our Grand Muscadelle. Three generations have crafted and tailored this distinguished and rare fortified in the historic barrels of the Brown Brothers cellar. Complex and luscious flavours of fruit cake, caramel, malt and spice. Testament to the time-honoured traditions of our family winemaking.

Food Pairings

Serve with hot winter desserts such as plum or sticky toffee pudding, mince pies or a moist and sweet Christmas pudding. Alternatively it can be served with a strong washed rind cheese served with fruit bread and prunes marinated in the Grand Muscadelle.

The wine is then aged in a combination of predominantly large old oak barrels and some small oak barrels, which adds to the complexity of the flavour. A modification of the ancient Spanish Solera system is used to age and blend the wine, ensuring rich, older material is mixed with both medium aged and younger material. This system not only preserves the quality and characters of the wine over the years, but also keeps it fresh and balanced.

The wine has been aged in old oak barrels and added to over 100 vintages. It now sits at an average age of 35 years.

Vineyard RegionVictoria
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 18%

This wine displays the rich tawny colour and slight green hue we would expect from a quality aged Muscadelle.


It has a wonderfully complex nose with aromas of caramel, raisins, spicy fruit cake and tea leaf.


On the palate this luscious wine displays intense flavours of toffee, maple syrup and spice with nutty rancio flavours that are balanced by a mouth filling, lingering finish. The wine also possesses a freshness that defies its 35 year average age.

Peak Drinking

Enjoy now.

Growing Conditions

The Muscadelle grapes used to make this wine were grown throughout vineyards in Victoria including Rutherglen and our Mystic Park Vineyard near Swan Hill.  The fruit is harvested late when ripe and raisined and then fortified with grape spirit before too much sugar has fermented.

Indulge in the legacy of Brown family

Three generations of the Brown family have crafted and refined this distinguished fortified in the historic oak barrels of the Brown Brothers cellar. This is a fortified wine that's been elevated in our cellar at Brown Brothers for over 100 years. Listen to our Wine Ambassador, Andrew Harris, speak on the beauty that is the Grand Muscadelle.