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The Windmill Chardonnay 2022

Brown Brothers

Minimum order of 1 case or 6 bottles (Mixed or straight)

The Brown Brothers Windmill has stood proudly at our Milawa home for over 150 years. It has drawn pure water from the deep, mountain-fed spring and reliably nourished our vineyards.

Food Pairings

This Chardonnay's balance of flavours and acidity allows it to pair seamlessly with a variety of dishes and is an ideal companion for seafood and harmonizes beautifully with roasted chicken or creamy pasta dishes, complementing dishes featuring roasted nuts or aged cheeses as well. 

Our winemaking process begins with the pressing and settling of the grapes, followed by a 12-day cool fermentation using QA23 yeast and oak alternatives. Just before bottling, Gordo juice is blended into the Chardonnay, adding a touch of lusciousness. Throughout the process, our focus remains on preserving the wine's freshness, flavour, and natural acidity to achieve a harmonious balance. The result is a wine with an enticing aroma of grapefruit, nectarine, white floral, and lime citrus. The palate unfolds with layers of ripe stone fruit, subtle spice, and a nutty complexity that lingers on the finish.

Vineyard RegionVictoria
Wine AnalysisAlc/Vol: 12.5%

The Windmill Chardonnay displays a captivating colour, exhibiting shades of pale gold with hints of vibrant yellow

AromaEnticing grapefruit and nectarine with hints of white floral and lime citrus
PalateLayered and luscious with ripe stone fruit and subtle spice leading to a nutty and complex finish
Peak Drinking

Ready to drink now and enjoy!

Growing ConditionsThe 2022 Chardonnay was sourced from our Mystic Park vineyard in north west Victoria. The fruit was harvested at night to retain freshness of flavour and natural acidity for balance. It was picked during February at optimal ripeness and balance and an average baumé level of 12.1.